Top 5 Most Haunted Places In World

Top 5 Most Haunted Places In World :

In our childhood we have heard a lot many scary ghost stories, some are real and some are fake. But Here you can read Real Top Most Haunted stories which still scare us in our dreams. You can’t go there after sunset, If this is not enough to assimilate then let us brief you about some best haunted places in the world. The mysteries of the unknown have always captivate the human mind.

1.Bhangarh FortRajasthan
2.Highgate CemeteryNorth London,England
3.Screaming Tunnel Niagara Falls,Ontario
4.Changi BeachSingapore
5.Monte CristoJune, New South Wales


  • Bhangarh Fort , Rajasthan :

It is located in Rajasthan and was  17th-century fort built in the state of rajasthan. It was built by Man Singh I  for his younger brother Madho Singh I. The fort and its precincts are well preserved. Bhangarh is the most HAUNTED place that would definitely give you a real jolt. The fort and its precincts are well preserved. Bhangarh is the most HAUNTED place that would definitely give you a real jolt.There is a belief about Bhangarh that the place is haunted and no one can dare to go there after sunset. Several ghost stories are behind the mysteries of the Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan.Most people are of the belief that Bhangarh Fort is haunted and there is no dearth of tales that help in amplifying the mystery that is Bhangarh.


  • Highgate Cemetery , North London-England :

North London,England ,Highgate Cemetery is a place of burial in north London, England. It is designated Grade I on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. It is divided into two parts, named the East and West cemetery. There are approximately 170,000 people buried in around 53,000 graves at Highgate Cemetery. It is notable both for some of the people buried there as well as for its de facto status as a nature reserve.The cemetery in its original form was consecrated by the Bishop of London on 20th May 1839. It was part of an initiative to provide seven large, modern cemeteries to ring the city of London. 

  • Screaming Tunnel , Niagara Falls-Ontario :

It is loacted in Niagara Falls,Ontario. The Screaming Tunnel was used as a backdrop location in David Cronenberg’s 1983 adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone. An independent film to be released in 2015 entitled Limestone Burning is a “Blair Witch Project”-style film in which five friends travel to the northwest corner of Niagara Falls to document their search for a local urban legend. The Screaming Tunnel is the result of a devastating tragedy over 100 years ago involving a young girl and a raging fire.

  • Changi Beach , Singapore :

Singapore beach located at the northern tip of Changi in the eastern region of Singapore.The 28-hectare beach is one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore, retaining the “kampung” or village atmosphere of the 1960s and ’70s. The park is approximately 3.3 km long with stretches of sandy beaches between Changi Point and Changi Ferry Road.Besides the continuous torturing, mutilating and killing, both of prisoners-of-war and civilian captives, which was carried out by the Kempetai throughout the war, at least several mass executions of Chinese took place shortly after the surrender of Singapore.  One was on Changi beach, and the other one off-shore, the victims being taken out to sea in launches and then pushed overboard, to be machinegunned in the water.

  •  Monte Cristo , June-New South Wales :

Monte Cristo Homestead is a historic Australian property located in the town of June, New South Wales. Constructed by local pioneer Christopher William Crawley in 1885. It is a double-story late-Victorian manor standing on a hill overlooking the town. The Crawley family remained in residence until 1948. The house then stood empty under the care of several caretakers until 1963 when it was purchased by Reg and Olive Ryan, who restored it to its current condition. It operates as a museum, antique store and tourist attraction, advertising itself as “Australia’s most haunted house”.Australia’s most haunted homestead sits in June, New South Wales and has had a series of tragic events unfold throughout i’s history, earning it its much-deserved title.