Top 5 fastest wordpress hosting

Top 5 fastest wordpress hosting

As we all know that we are living in the digital era where physical signification is as important as digital even digital win over physical so to improve these things you must you have your blog your site your portfolio which makes a remark of yourself in a digital world so for that you need fastest WordPress hosting.

whenever a term comes fastest WordPress hosting it replicate it to the technical term uptime speed it related to that in how much time your website will load be loaded into your browser and many other factors also depends.

1. A2 Hosting: for fastest WordPress hosting

If it comes to fastest WordPress hosting  A2 hosting hold and wins this price easily they have huge and very fast loading time which is just 473 in term of load time

  • Load time: 473ms (1st in speed)

  • Uptime: 99.92%(4th in postion)

  • Cost: $3.92/mo

  • SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~8min)

it has been tested and found that it  Fastest page load time for our WordPress test site.Its a firm that i started in 2002 and situated in the USA the main reason for being there be a rank 1 holder is Stable and Reliable Uptime of 99.92 %.

2. Hostingerfor fastest WordPress hosting

Hostinger is the not rank1 but it comes after that so it also has a potential and can make a loud sound in term of success. They having a load time  475ms which makes him 2nd in this position

  • Load time: 475ms (2nd position )

  • Uptime: 99.78% (5th in position)

  • Cost: $2.15/mo (3 year plan)

  • SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~10min)

They having a very cheap WordPress hosting plan for three years which you easily afford with the great uptime speed which makes it a top choice for the user

3. HostGator for fastest WordPress hosting

Hostgator for wordpress is a pioneer in the market these days they having amazing and super speed with the reasonable price it also holds a super solid review and a rating 0f 4.8 out of 5. if your site is on WordPress than it will rule the others

HostGator services

  • Load time: 565ms (3rd in speed)

  • Uptime: 99.99% (1st in uptime)

  • Cost: $2.99/mo (monthly plan)

  • SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~3min)

Hostgator having good control over every scale of business if your making portfolio or even you trying for the e-commerce portal it will suit your demands

4. SiteGroundfor fastest WordPress hosting

Siteground has made big after an official statement of that is WordPress announced that officially siteGround is recommended for WordPress.They served more than 805,000 clients they have started in  2004, and still, till now they are able to make stand out of crowd 

  • Load time: 585ms (4th in speed)

  • Uptime: 99.98% (2th in uptime)

  • Cost: $3.95/mo 

  • SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~2min)



5. InMotionfor fastest WordPress hosting

InMotion it also makes nice uptime and little long load time as compared to others. in motion is one of the cheap wordpress hosting rates that you gonna enjoy so if you looking for a change like or want some quilty amount speed in cheap rates with one of the high amounts of trust and live chat support you can go for this

Load time: 701ms(5th in speed)
Uptime: 99.97% (3rd in position)
Cost: $2.95/mo (3 year plan)
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~7min)

Now so if come to end we found we have lots of option. we are in a digitised world which is growing day by day and its reach is the most people just be too famous by their blog, their portfolio, with their idea of business so its time to jump and take a leap with a great  which include everything so if you have your bullet ready to fire so you a need  gun which gives you  right amount force or we say that a perfect kickstart in that way you must choose a perfect hosting which loads your content in much faster time and in a cheap way

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