Well now days a new market trends has been introduced which is know as own  STARTUPS   and its getting   huge day by day so its a right time to pick the right thing and hunt it down like a ranger. Startup are getting famous day by due to modern era of thinking and creativity before that every one know about two things first government job or rather a good mnc private firm but now a days trends has been change many people has start their own firm with their skill sets and passion which is making market interesting and new opportunity has been introduced to era                                        


When you about to start your startup what are things which most needed or most important these are the sector in which you want to go  and you must depth knowledge of that sector all the ups and down you must aware of them how to tackle the situation how built team how take decision is the top priority things which everyone should know then only you can built a million dollar team and you can rule the your sector

—————————————————————————————————————————————– now its a time to get eye one those startup which start from scratch and make huge ultra huge impact on internet  and it is able to possible due some basic key skills                                                                                                                              

  • IDEA



FACEBOOKits new sensation which is started from a room  of some student of collage who were crazy about doing things in a new way or to do some thing great  Mark Zuckerberg he is an inteelgent programmer and ceo of Facebook he invented this with  his friends and  they bang on 


they are hit and massive because their idea were so unique and they also deliver it into new way before their i also orkut  and other platform to chat but they just create a revolution trough their crazy ideas and making the user interface of Facebook so good looking and easy that it become SUCCESSFUL


ALIBABA: Its  the first online  shopping platform which is introduced in china the founder of ALIBABA is  Jack ma he is Chinese business man who tries his luck in many things but he didn’t loose his hope and keep on exploring new things when comes to know about internet at that moment he realize it is the future of shopping

it gives comfort to people that yeah they want anything right away from a click which is most needed in this super busy world so he able to tackle a great problem which was time management because if want something you used to visit many store and still you didn’t find so its a boon for all and for everyone

—————————————————————————————————————————————–   UBER:  it a retro bussiness which introdued in new way than its no more retro now its a big trending thing UBER if you taxi its not near to you what you will do stuck right noh but the uber give us this solution to book your cab taxi anywhere at any moment 

UBER  NOW  if you are new to place and you don’t need know anything and to ask anywhere for map and routes you just have book your uber cab via app and you have to book it and they will drop you at your location  this the most important  because it able t0 handle the big problem with easy way


WHATSAPP: it is startup which start from app which know as application its hits the main target which is addiction to chat yeah they focus only this word chat their whole concept is based on this term  it was started in jan 2009 and with in few interval of time it get famous 

it earlier owed by Facebook in the 2016 even Facebook have buy this because its getting famous day by day  and due to its popularity it become part one of big giant  startup