Major slum areas in the top 5 cities of India

Major Slum Areas in the top 5 Cities of India

Major slum areas in the top 5 cities of India

Major slum areas in the top 5 cities of India: In the most famous, developed and metropolitan cities of India, there are most of the major slum areas these areas are the homes of the million poor people. The slum dwellers are increasing day by day because of the rising population of India. Slum areas not even getting the basic necessities like clean water to drink, electricity, healthy food, education etc.
So here I am going to tell about the major slum areas in top 5 cities of India.

1.Dharavi Slum, Mumbai:

Mumbai is the city of our “Bollywood stars” But do you know that this dream city holds the biggest slum area in India known as Dharavi.
• It is located between the Mumbai’s two main suburban rail lines and it is spread over the 557 acres and about 3 lakh people are living there.
• There are many slum areas in the Mumbai but Dharavi is the biggest slum. The most famous city still have an unending stretch of narrow dirty lanes, open sewers, and cramped huts.

2. Bhalswa Slum, Delhi:

Delhi is the capital of India and a famous city also known as the ” Heart of India”. But do you know? 23% population of this city is living in slums.
• The Bhalswa slum dwellers come from various parts of Delhi. It has a population of about twenty-two thousand. This slum area also has one of the largest child labors.
• And now Delhi has become the one of the most unsafe city for women as the crime rates in this city increasing day by day.

3. Nochikuppam Slum, Chennai:

Chennai is also the one of the famous city in India, this is also called the “The city of flyovers”.
• Do you know that this city also has Nochikuppam slum? This slum has about 1,300 huts.
• It is home to around 5000 people who live below the poverty line. The people here even struggling for their one time meals.

4. Rajendra Nagar Slum, Bangalore:

Bangalore the capital of Karnataka, It is the one of the most popular city which is famous for IT hub.
• The Bangalore city holds 570 slums from a total of around 2000 slums in the State. And 20% population reside in slum areas.

5.Indiramma Nagar Hyderabad:

Hyderabad, the City of Nizam has about lakhs of people who are living in slums.Hyderabad is becoming the best infrastructural area and there is very little land available for slums. There are 104 identified and 24 unidentified slums in Hyderabad.


Major slum areas in the top 5 cities of India: There are many slum areas in most popular cities of India. I have discussed just a few of them you can also search for rest of the cities which have most of the slum areas. The poor people who are living in these slums, suffering from many diseases like dengue, malaria etc. So we should help them.

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