How To Install WordPress in HostGator in 2018

How To Install WordPress in HostGator in 2018

How to install WordPress in Hostgator in 2018 at present hostagtor com is one of the leading brand in  hostings which provide Hostgator cpanel login, HostGator refund, best website hosting. HostGator Cpanel login provides the single click download of WordPress and many more cms host gator is the best web hosting among web hosting companies


There is two way to install WordPress on Hostgator.

manual for WordPress in Hostgator

  • Download the WordPress from here
  •  Upload the WordPress to your Hostgator Account
  • Create the MySQL Database and User to whom you want to give access
  • Fill the  WordPress  details  like database name, password, hostname
  • Run the WordPress Installation
  • Install WordPress using  cPanel in Hostgator

Quick install for WordPress in Hostgator

it is simply one click installation which powered by the word press

HostGator Cpanel provides the single click download of WordPress and many more cms

HOW TO LOGIN WordPress in Hostgator

To get HostGator login you have to make accounts with Hostgator they have their own pricing according to your need  you choose your plan and deals which suits your website they have yearly quarterly and half year plan

HostGator provide the top plan with Hostgator coupon


Host Gator Hatchling Plan

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Single Domain
One Click Installs
Unmetered Bandwidth
Starting At $2.75/mo*

Host Gator Baby Plan

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Unlimited Domains
One Click Installs
Unmetered Bandwidth
Starting At $5.95/mo*

Host Gator Business Plan

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Unlimited Domains
One Click Installs
Free Positive SSL
Free Dedicated IP
Free VoIP Phone Service
Starting At $5.95/mo

these off are available  may change its kind of Hostgator  coupons which you get a discount

HostGator login the HostGator provide hosting for websites like WordPress e-commerce ship and much more site which are used to make your business but for that, you need a domain name which is used to know as the name of your website like our name, for example, Example: http://yourdomain name.Hostgator provide you cheap wordpress hosting

Host Gator provides various type of hosting for WordPress in HostGator

Window shared hosting
Wordpress hosting
Open source web hosting
For login in Hostgator

Hostgator have large lots of service like which are these

Web Hosting Packages
Domain/FTP Features
Supported Web Hosting Features
Email Hosting
Control Panel Features
Website/FTP Features
E-Commerce Features
Web Design
SO as we seen Hostgator have lots amount of plan and the various thing you make your website good many plans with various benefits and other things are going on simultaneously

HOSTGATOR REFUND POLICY for WordPress in HostGator


How to get the money back refund

To get the 45-day money-back guarantee for your shared, reseller, or VPS hosting, you have to cancel your account with the days limit of 45 from the date you purchased  .they cannot refund your money  until the cancellation request is complete

Please note that our 45 day money back guarantee does not cover refunds on dedicated servers, administrative fees, install fees for custom software, or domain name purchases. Only first-time accounts are eligible for a refund. For example, if you’ve had an account with us before, cancelled and signed up again, you will not be eligible for a refund or if you have opened a second account with us.

web hosting: web hosting it a very fancy words which normal person can’t understand it is the term which is used to describe or tell us that where your domain will goanna stay your database your passwords your details related to website will goanna stay at that part for example just suppose you want open one shop and you have buy all things like table chair belongings name and you have deiced your shop details and everything and you also have register that shop but you need a space to put all these together so that they work together in  fine and  a better way to give some productive thing which is the so for that you will rent some space from some or you will buy a new space which will office or shop place so in same way if have code of website and database and domain all these you goannas put at the  hosting server will align all these things in way so that you can see your end product

BEST WEB HOSTING for WordPress in HostGator

Hostgator is one of the pioneers in the market these days there are many other hosting providers like

Bluehost India
GB Host
Amzon AWS
Hosting Raja
Go daddy
And may more name to come among them it is one of top among topper so it’s a one reliable and trust worthy to make your website smooth and sleek and simple and its little cheap not too much but other than its competitor HostGator is cheap

Their 3 major factor which makes it best

24/7/365 suport

24/7/365 days support many times you will feel there something wrong or issue happing with my website at that when you need to connect to your web hosting service provider so in that the Hostgator is the best because facility  24/7 services which make your life easy

45 days money guarantee

HostGator provides a 45 days money back grantee which is says a lot about them selfs  that how much confidence they have on their services


they have very good uptime which is 99.9%



HostGator has won many prizes globally it very trust worthy brand there are some prize that he holds under his belt has declared that as its 2016 Best Host to Grow With. HostGator web hosting is pioneer among the other alternative it has been given 10 out of 10,  serving large number of crowd and  they are improving day by day

In 2016, PC Magazine honoured

PC MAGAZINE declare that Hostgator has won “multiple Editor’s Choice awards for our overall web,”

WPBeginner in 2016 has given “Best Web Hosting for Business!”


Hostgator clients

Over the globe the Hostgator having number of clients over Blog / Adventures of Snappy

200,500 Web Hosting which shows that it is one very trusted brand and it one of the leading pioneer in the webs hosting industry if as their clients are increasing day by day they keep on enhancing  the bar of the product and services and which are also reasonable  amount because if want something at end you have to give something back the end client same with host gator


If you want to install WordPress on HostGator you have lots of option which single click manual it’s up to you how you wanna go with the Hostgator plan what idea you have which plan will suit your need if want more information. On cheap WordPress hosting, you can go