How To Create Your WordPress Blog with Bluehost Hosting

How To Create Your WordPress Blog with Bluehost Hosting

How To Create Your WordPress Blog with Bluehost Hosting



About WordPress:

WordPress is an open source platform that makes it easy to build a website and open source piece of software used by bloggers.There are many cheap and reliable hosting services for WordPress out there, and one of the best website hostings is Bluehost.

About Bluehost:

Bluehost offers unlimited disk, domain parking, database, FTP, mail address, and free website script. As long as the usage is standard and not for extreme heavily used, then it should be a better choice. The cPanel is custom designed by Bluehost. All accounts have come with the free website builder, eCommerce features, site backup tool, so a standard user can start setting up the website framework within hours. Bluehost and WordPress have worked closely since 2005 to create a hosting platform ideal for running WordPress websites.

Bluehost Reliability:

Powering over 2 million websites worldwide.The Bluehost has a simple User-friendly control panel where one can easily install WordPress within five minutes.

The servers of Bluehost are well optimized for a WordPress blog which is why it is considered to be the most reliable hosting service while opting for a WordPress domain.
Bluehost best website hostings runs on the latest technology servers of PHP and MYSQL. These servers can easily handle extra load occurring on WordPress.
One can have traffic up to 20,000 per day, and the site will not show a downtime.

Bluehost Pricing:

Bluehost has 3 different packages with different benefits in them.

  • Basic plan: If you need to host one site with less than 1000 visitors per day, you can opt for this plan.
  • Plus plan: If you need to host multiple sites on one account you can opt for this plan.
  • Prime Plan: If you need to host high-traffic websites with dedicated I.P and private SSL, you can opt for this plan. Wondering which package to choose among packages?Here’s how you select the best plan out of each package.

If you look forward to creating a single website, then you opt for the basic package. However, if you plan to carry out multiple websites, the ‘plus’ package shall be a good option. If you seek site backup pro and prime features, you can go with the ‘prime’ feature.

Unless you are a business user and need a dedicated SSL and IP, you can opt for the ‘basic’ and ‘plus’ package as per the requirement of a number of sites.

Comparing Hostgator and Bluehost Bussiness Plans.


Bluehost Support:

Bluehost has become the largest brand name when it comes to WordPress hosting. They are an official ‘WordPress’ recommended hosting provider. With Bluehost, you never have to worry about your website being slow even when there is a lot of traffic and offers the following

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Live chat support
  • Phone support
  • Email support

Tips to Choose your Domain Name:

  • Start with keywords: Keywords will help you with your SEO
  • Make it unique: Make sure the name you’ve selected isn’t trademarked, copyrighted or being used by another company
  • Go for a.COM: Your domain name should be easy to remember so that your customers or clients can easily find your website. SEO requires the same.
  • Make it easy to type: Your visitors should be able to type your domain name without a problem. If you have to explain the spelling more than once for it to be understood, then it’s too complicated.
  • Make it memorable: A domain name builds your brand, a domain name can increase awareness of your brand, so it should be memorable.
  • Keep it short: Length matters because of the processing fluency that we talk about above.
    Avoid numbers and hyphens: search engines are quite adept at determining separate words within a domain name.

Installing WordPress on Bluehost using Marketplace:

  • Log in to your Bluehost cPanel account.
  • Find the Website section and select Install WordPress.
  • Click the Install button.Choose the domain name to install it to. In the field next to the domain, you can enter a subfolder such as ‘blog’ or leave it blank if you want the site’s main page to be the blog.
  • If necessary, you can edit the email address, username, and password for the new WordPress installation. Click “advanced options” and you can change those settings.
  • Read through the license and service agreements and check the boxes.
  • Select the Install Now button.

Choosing the Right Theme

When you are starting a blog, choosing the right theme is crucial to your success. During the process, you will likely have to decide between free WordPress themes vs premium WordPress themes. Selecting a WordPress theme is one of biggest tasks that seem fairly easy at first and how hard can it be to find. So just Google it and find the right theme for your blogging or website.

After you have installed your WordPress theme and Plugins, Delete all unused Themes and Plugins. It will improve your WordPress Performance as well as reduce the server load and host your blog or website it on BlueHost.

Set Up your basic Page Layout:

Your website is made of building blocks called pages. For instance, you must have come across websites with separate pages for products, services, company information, blog, etc. these pages have to be set to keep your website organized and put in timeless content. The appearance of all the pages and posts that are created on a WordPress website is handled by a template file named page.php. Creating or editing a custom page template in WordPress requires basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP.