real India problems

How REAL startups solve real India problems

As we all are aware of this fact recently demonization has happened in India and it was a big blow and it was a step to solve real  India problems which is black money and many more other problems. Whenever a  new service is created or an old is shutting down it requires a lot of planning which needs to done so by the government otherwise whole balance of society will get disturbed so at that point of time we need some extra help or helping hand which comes in shape of startups by the entrepreneur. These are those people which who analyze the current problem and provide its solution. But you must be aware of some information that how a startup works and what are tips for startups to be successful 


  • Starting a startup with a purpose that solves common problems of people
  • Find your uniqueness
  • Underestimating your quality
  • Must have a backup plan
  • Discuss your idea with your mentors
  • Don’t copy any idea
  • If you are still copying be the first in your area eg(OLA, Flipkart)
  • If you able to get any funding and investment its good signs
  • Your startup information  must be on the internet  because startup that starts from the internet makes the big shot


Indian Startup which solves real India problems


solve India problems

How PAYTM  solve India problems:

real India problems

It is a mobile application which gets famous during the demonstration on a very large scale. AT that time in India there are many crises regarding cash money so at that some extra helping hand needed which can replace the cash so due to limit by the government no cash was in the atm so government announce a cashless society at moment the paytm app get famous its e-wallet application you can pay your bill book train and almost you can do anything with that regarding payment related work  at time paytm able to solve India problem regarding cashless society Their  are many   other app which  are getting famous 

How OLA solve India problems:

real India problemsIt is the time when the world is getting advanced day by day it was but the basic need of Indian is still not completed or fulfilled.  Like travelling many of metro city even don’t have full coverage of metro in their city and metro doesn’t door to door    so it was becoming a big problem which needs to be solved so at that time A startup comes like a revolution in transport industries and becomes one of the leading brands in India which solve a huge amount of transport issue its basically an app which you use to book a cab from your selective location to your destination how simple and beautiful idea to solve a transport problem due to this many people gets new jobs and many people get a way to reach to thier offices it proves that you earn money even via internet 

How flipkart solve real India problems

real India problems

If you are a newbie in term of startup then you must have to keep some things in mind which Flipkart always remember. As new in online marketing, they have a unique business modal. They were very good with their schemes because they have an idea which solved the normal people problems with lots of  new people love their facilities and work if you have a good plan you must know how to execute it in a good manner  which will be a very good helping hand for people their one common mantra to be successful solve that common problem which has no solution. Then you will be the one with the unique idea  don’t be the best  becomes the first


How swiggy solve  real India problems

real India problems

Have you ever thought that there is someone who brings your food to your doorsteps from your favourite shop I think no but swiggy thinks like that and he gives you solution for that to solve this issue he just bring app via which you can book your favourite food from your favourite shop with little charge but you will get your food at any time in middle of night early morning or in hot tired day siggy deliver food all the time.

How curefit solve  real India problems

real India problems

As we all know we living in era where fitness is a prime factor if you go to any person in india and ask how to improve health everyone will tell you go to gym but than questuion comes in your mind which gym what type of work out gonna suit my body I dont need a bulky frame  want lean but fit body this type of thousand qeution will go comes in your minds and they gonna ak you what to do and how to do that  to give answers to all these cure fit is a new type of gym which will make you fit not bulky its more over a cross fit type gym which focuses on stamina endurance power flexiblity full body care they also guide you to some human body fact  which helps you to know about your body more

How Innov8 solve  real India problems

real India problems


Like nowadays everyone has their own idea which may  or may not be good but everyone wants to work with their own team built something new which will be a revolutionary but it needs a basic thing which is working spaces you cant work at some coffee shop with your team or you cant work at your home with your team so here is the soln coworking spaces like you share your room with pg mates in same you share office space with fewer payments like they have are able to set up their business in India’s top state in term of property 

How TVF solve  real India problems


real India problems

There was a time when people only love to watch the movies and play the drama  of a  mega starts richest stars  but nowadays things have been changed now it more over sounds like a channel but at the end people are earning due to this channel and it startup in industry of entertainment they launched their many webseries  new and young talent of India get a chance to work with a great actor and they deliver a very good quality content than tv serials


As we all know every country didn’t get successful by those people who get high paying jobs  but in spite of them it gets successful by those who built those jobs  so try to be innovative if you not gonna work for your dreams someone else will hire you to make their dreams it’s saying of top richest of worlds  

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