How much do YouTubers make

how much do YouTubers make

How much do YouTubers make

how much do YouTubers make when it comes to youtube we as our think  How much do YouTubers make. how much money can you make on youtube 1000 free youtube subscribers and, how to get views on youtube these are a general normal question which we ask for our self or anyone else so let’s encounter them all today HOW IT START youtube started  it was not popular at that time but with it start with the bang when smartphone increase day by no of the user of youtube increase rapidly so the boom or era of youtube increased.

How much do YouTubers make for 1000 views

Here i will like to clear one myth and give you some fact there is no fixed price regarding 1000 views  it depends on lots of lots of other factors which include it depends how much amount traffic is being generated it depends on that it doesn’t mean that if your video has 1000 view it will get one $ or more it totally depends on the area like us Cadanda Australia

Ads have two metrics called CPM and CPC.

  • CPC – Revenue earned per each click on ads.
  • CPM – Revenue earned by getting 1000 views

How much do YouTubers make via Revenue earned per each click on ads.

It totally depends on the huge number of traffic if your video is getting more and more views than there is a chance of getting that that user may click on the ads which will reflect on your site when you gonna earn via those ads. google has launched their own google ad sense which getting famous day by day and youtube one of major source to make this concept hit and blasting.

How much do YouTubers make via? Revenue earned by 1000 Views

Total How many views it requires to make money on YouTube This is a common question asked and it really depends on the person which gonna reply according to their experience you can fully say that this person right and this person wrong . You may have heard youtube pays  1$ for 100views. Some say it’s $5 per thousand views.  have look on char how it fluctuate   it depends on some factor

  • Retention of user
  • Content of video
  • Engagement of user
  • Time duration
  • Watch time

How to get views on youtube

Money making on youtube it’s not easy in starting like their many people who  join their youtube channel and they do work for 10 days 15 days after that they will leave everything by saying they are not getting view on their channel but it should not be like that if you want to grow you have to be Consistent in your work so then you able to get a traffic like  of 1000 views and 2k view one the best way to to get more view take help of social medi platform like many site presenishich are alredy famous  like facebook, isntargram, twitter  and many more which can make your days glorilous one day

Good cameras for youtube

youtube marketing depends on the quality of content in these thing videos should be in HD and its a hard very hard to make these things working so that no one can say your work is not worthy these days DSLR digital single-lens reflex cameras. so here are the list of some good cameras which you can use in video to make good and nice via which you will get quality content and in term of video quality at least we are living in an era of globalization  in which everything is high definition so we should adopt a modern  trends and make it happen to work with the world so that we fight in the upcoming competition on therm of technical background

  • Smartphone camera.
  • GoPro Hero 4 Silver.
  • Canon Vixia HF R72.
  • Logitech C930e.
  • Panasonic HC-V10 Digital.
  • Canon T6i.
  • Canon Powershot G7X.
  • DJI Osmo.

How much do YouTubers make who are already famous

there are plenty of famous YouTuber who earns a lot of money have the subscriber

  •  Lilly Singh — $10.5 million content comedy
  • Ryan ToysReview — $11 million content unboxing or review about toys
  • Jake Paul — $11.5 million content comedy
  • Logan Paul — $12.5 million content reaction videos
  • Dude Perfect — $14 million content sports
  • Evan Fong (VanossGaming) — $15.5 million playing various funny characters
  • Daniel Middleton (DanTDM) — $16.5 million content game

  Youtube converter

there are many plenties of converter available in the market

everyone  comes with  premium version and NON-premium version all facilities like

  • youtube to mp3
  •  youtube converter
  • youtube mp3 converter in 256kb
  • youtube mp3 128kb
  • youtube to mp4

so if you want to download or you want to edit any content that is available on youtube you can do with these even there is one more way to download without any software which is ss option you just have to add ss just after video address of youtube video like then it will take you to another page that will ask you to save your video in 720p 480p mp4 mp3 and where you wanna place on your device and many more it cost you nothing but little smartness so just get started and start exploring the world which avaible on youtube and try to rock the life with little little things youtube is the easiest and help full to reach a large amount audince from your place so lets hunt down the talent with in you and make your own chhanle and try to figure out what you can with vest and easy results