6 Most Beautiful Places In Bhopal

6 Most Beautiful Places In Bhopal

BHOPAL is a most beautiful place to visit in India.Bhopal is a Lake of City, here you can see attractive places to numerous tourist desirability of architecture,monuments and historical places. Bhopal city is nuzzle over hills and two beautiful lakes, includes Raisen Fort,Lower lake,Bhoj Wetland,Bhimbetka, etc. The city is also top in the matter of cleanliness.

Bhimbetka – Bhimbetka were discovered during 1957-58 by Dr. Vishnu Wakankar. It is a real valuable as the rock paintings in the bhimketka caves are over 15000 years of age.The painting on the wall and the artwork of caves. Here is the temple of the Shiva was started in the 11century. They depict the lifestyle of the man belonging to the historic age. The paintings represent various periods from upper Paleolithic to medieval period. Bhimbetka is the perfect destination and most beautiful place if you love to feel part of the world. These cave shelters were inhabited by humans even more than 100,000 years ago. Located in the Raisen district, this place is just 45 km from Bhopal. These paintings are made on some uncommon shaped rock formations that gave Man a canvas to express his innovation on.

Upper Lake Bhopal called as lake of City. A beautiful and amazing man-made lake built in the 11th century, the Upper lake was constructed by Raja Bhoj. It is a splendid spot with an attractive garden names as Kamla Park in the vicinity. There are a few cafes nearby, including a Cafe Coffee Day, which give a great view of the lake and are very popular. In this lake we can also go on a boat ride.The water of the lake is believed to have curative powers and helps to cure skin conditions. The lake located at the heart of the city. The man made lake has a small island at the center. In the centre of the lake there is darga which is very beautiful.

Van Vihar National Park – Van Vihar is Located at the heart of the city, covering an area of 445.21 hectare of land. It is home to a wide range of birds and animals. Many of the wild animals found here include tiger, lion, leopard, sambar and chital. The park is include more than 200 species of birds. On one side Lake View and on other side Shyamala Hills. You can either walk or hire cycles to traverse the park.Van Vihar National Park is declared since 1983. Although it has the status of a national park, Van Vihar is developed and managed as a modern zoological park, following the guidelines of the Central Zoo Authority. The animals kept, are almost in their real natural habitats. None of the animals are deliberately captured from the forest but are mostly adopted from various zoos.

Bhojpur Temple – Bhojpur is the temple of lord Shiva and awesome views near the bhojpur and most beautiful. It is the beautiful temple. An incomplete temple for no known reasons belongs to the 11th century.Bhojpur is a town of historical and religious importance in Raisen.Bhojpur also has an unfinished Jain temple containing a 6-meter-tall statue of Bhagwan Shantinath.The temple house which is 5.5 m tall and 2.3 m in circumference.

Birla Temple – Birla Temple is established in 1971 and based on the lord Krishna. It was the most wonderful temple and awesome temple.The worship and discourses are well organized. The national chain of the temples of scale and design Near it one Birla Museum is established which has a wonderful collection of manuscripts, paintings and sculptures belonging to the period from 2nd century BC to 6th century.

 Raisen Fort – Raisen takes its name from the massive fort at the top of a hill. Raisen is 23 kms from Bhopal, and is known for the Durgah of Raisen. Raisen fort is situated on the top of a hill with a few temples, palaces, a large water reservoir and numerous wells inside Raisen fort. The fort is about 800 years old. It is built on a hill and occupies the entire hilltop. There is a temple and mosquein the same complex of Raisen fort. Raisen fort had many domes inside, however, only two of them are left which are now abode of Bats. The origin of Raisen fort can be dated back to 1200 A.D. Raisen fort has been under the rules of several rulers.