10 Smartphone Camera Accessories for YouTube bloggers

10 Smartphone Camera Accessories for YouTube bloggers

10 Smartphone Camera Accessories for

YouTube bloggers

10 Smartphone Camera Accessories for YouTube bloggers, or shall i use the best camera for youtube videos. Let’s hunt this tagline with lots of facts and knowledge, whenever you think of youtube or try to be youtube bloggers than after choosing the content your mind stuck with how to produce a good quality video having a DSLR is not everyone’s cup of tea. Then we left with our harpoon that is smartphones and all we want to know how to make the best video camera for that our channel videos look best so to know all these things just stay with us

 LENS for the best  camera for youtube:

We all know and we all aware of the fact we have just started our career in the digital era. And it is not constant at the time. If you want to make the best video you need best cameras for youtube videos so that your content should deliver in fun good looking manner. So here is some list of good clip lenses which you can use to attain the best result.

10 Smartphone Camera Accessories for YouTube bloggers

1.Ollo CliP for best camera for youtube:

The design of the OllO Clip is coming among the leading one mega giants in the lens industries. It gives you feel of DSLR and you can feel the effect of it. The Ollo Clip comes with the attachable device facilities you can add this to any devices and get a feel and quality of the DSLR with paying for DSLR. The Ollo Clip comes with the variety of range variant which gives you the ample of choice to use your favourite smartphone camera.

2.iOgrapher Filmmaking Case:

It is a kind of case which is used to hold your phone with the tripod and it also easies out clip system to get your device in and out. 1/4 20 thread on the bottom for easy attachment to a tripod. 1/4 20 thread on the right handle for filming in portrait mode. which gives you stable and cool quality for your



3.Phoneography Spy Lens:

Phoneography Spy Lens for your best camera for youtube videos and it also the amoung best lens amoung  best camera for youtube it will enhance the quality of your video and gives the special effect which will make your youtube video on another level it comes to a variety of range and variety of price it gives full luxury to optimize your quality it comes with price of  3,699.00 to 3,999.00 which is not so high and it is best cheap camera for youtube videos

4.Shiftcam for best camera for youtube:

SHIFTCAM is a 6-in-1 lens case that gives you the high-quality shot in the best and sleek manner the overall quality of the photo enhanced with the balance of RGB and it also takes the balance of sharpness and other things and portable way.The source is a  lens cap and shift mechanism where you can slide the lens over the camera. You don’t need to take it off except

5.Chest Mount for iPhone

If you are a traveller then this piece of the model is only for you if you want to make your impossible video get shot without any 2nd person help it is for you. Just imagine you are jumping or doing buzzy jumping and for that, you want the t first person shoot view for that you have to use this pice because there ca shoot this video for you so just have to attach this at your chest and make your jump and shoot the video.

6.Megaverse Anti-Gravity:

If your video is consist of lots of moving things like when you make your video you want that it on certain height and that should be fixed like 6 foot and  8 foot or you want to hang your Smartphone somewhere. So just like you want to hang it on the wall than for that it very very helpful. Actually, it is add-on device f the r best video camera for youtube.


7.Miggo Pictar One:

If you travel in wildlife and your content stick around wildlife nature like animals and running and all other things which you want to shoot and so for that you need a tight grip. It also comes with the tread which is stick to the case which is used to tie around your wrist so in any case if your device falls it won’t be getting destroyed.

8.Auxiliary Lenses best camera for youtube:

Suppose you have smartphone whose camera is not the best camera for youtube videos in that case you just have to apply any auxiliary lens to your current phone. And after that there is little magic will happen on your phone it makes your video very sharp and of good quality which will make the video very very good and effective.


9.TRIPOD STAND best camera for youtube:

It is used to make your video steady and sharp sometimes there is lots of deflection and hindrance un your video. when you are using the best cheap camera for youtube there is so many features which is not including so to avoid and get a grip on video there is tripod which makes your video moment steady and make it perfect

10.Shutter Muku Labs

If you want to click a pic without touching the device it almost impossible so here technology gives you this access this allows you to use the Bluetooth device which will make your video very very good and effective and give you a perfect look for your video its range is around 30 feet away



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